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Rowlett Creek Preserve

Rowlett Creek Preserve is located in Garland, TX. The park is operated by the City of Garland Parks And Recreation Department. It opened in June of 1995 and was designed by Earl Hammond.

A neat fact about Rowlett Creek Preserve was the first 1.5 miles were opened on National Trail Day. In the first two years, ten miles of the trail was constructed. Today, the actual trail is over 16 miles long. 16.3 miles to be exact! Quite the distance. 

The trails are opened daily from 6AM-midnight.This is a public trail, so there’s no charge. Just show up and enjoy! Bikers, runners and hikers of all ages are welcomed.

There’s 14 different trails, all being numbered and connected to each other. Trails are marked similar to that of ski trails with colors coded by difficulty of trail. That just makes it easier to make a decision on which trail to take. 

Be sure to check online and make sure trails are open. They can be closed due to inclement weather. Primarily rain which makes the trail muddy or not able to be used. Don’t want to get stuck riding your bicycle in a big puddle of mud. Doesn’t sound like too fun.

The hiking trails are considered fairly easy and not hard to navigate. It will kind of remind you of a swamp-like environment as the creek flows back into Lake Ray Hubbard. There’s marsh and tall grassy areas. Not quite the Everglades of Florida, but definitely more cost effective. Pretty sure you won’t see any crocodiles or alligators along the way but, rumor has it, there have been crocodiles spotted in Lake Ray Hubbard, so you never know? Better find your inner Steve Irwin and get ready for a potential wrestling match. Odds is it won’t happen. Wouldn’t that be quite the story?

There is a gazebo and 2 picnic areas available for birthday parties, reunions, family gathering or any function where you want some fresh air and sunshine. Reservations can be made at 972-205-2750.

Three creeks pass through the trails so be careful and pay attention at all times. Fishing is permitted within the Rowlett Creek Preserve. In the state of Texas, a permit is not required for fishing. Just show up with your fishing poles, bait and enjoy!

Be prepared to see some wildlife such as birds, squirrels, rabbits and even snakes. Always make sure to take mosquito repellent, especially after a rain . Mosquitoes typically are attracted to standing water and are more frequent in the spring and summer seasons.

Outside food is permitted. There’s plenty of options in the area. Sonic Drive-In is down the street and gives you plenty of choices for ice cold beverages. A Couple miles down the road you will find Firewheel Mall with restaurants such as Gloria’s(Amazing Tacos al carbon) and Razoos if you’re craving some gumbo or rat toes(Don’t let the name fool you, they are awesome!). 

Rowlett Creek Preserve is located in Garland, TX at 2525 Castle Dr. For more information call 972-205-2750.

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